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Red Grocer - A reliable partner that know your needs.

We started Red Grocer Ltd an online grocery e-commerce startup in 2021 while pandemic led to a disruption in supply chains and the nature of work, it also led to new opportunities and innovations. We shared our e-commerce portal RedGrocer.com, an online portal available 24X7 to internet-friendly customers. It is a virtual online marketplace facilitating the easy buying and selling of groceries. The aim is to tap the growing Bangladeshi consumer goods market with a special focus on connecting users with local vendors through B2C and B2B engagements.

As a business organization, Red Grocer Limited does not want to grow alone; it wishes to grow together with its partners. Recently, We are working with female entrepreneurs while the number of women operating their own business is increasing globally, so why not us! We want to bring entrepreneurs from all walks of life to the country on one platform through our Program — Red Grocer Kitchen Presents” PAKKA RADHUNI”.

To provide you with a pleasant purchasing experience, Red Grocer Limited implements the most up-to-date technology infrastructure. We can provide you with the best support, given the necessity and need for high-quality product service. Our mission is to help consumers unlock their creativity and build exceptional communication using our digital platform. We’ll be happy to help you with any future Work Orders.

Our services:

Make your life more convenient, hassle-free & time-saving. Get your product at the cheapest price. With the quality & fastest home delivery.

Fastest Delivery

Your order is our first priority. We can understand the necessity of our consumers that’s why we are here to give the fastest delivery ever. You can receive your parched product within a short time. We are always ready to deliver. We don’t want to make our consumers wait.

Quality Assurance

Quality is the main motto of our service. We don’t compromise with the quality. We assure the best quality to our consumers. We are promised to our consumers to serve the best quality.

Best Product at the cheapest price

We offer the best product at the cheapest price compared to others. So that the price does not cause a headache to our prestigious consumers.


To save time & make our consumers live more comfort & easer. We deliver the service to your door.

Our Mission

Red Grocer Limited believes in serving the people and the country; not only in doing business and making a profit. It had come into presence with that belief and received ‘For the People, to the Nation’, which is its core theme.

The whole Red Grocer team concerns always try to offer the best possible services and products to consumers for gaining their full satisfaction, as the company endorses the concept that consumers are the ultimate determining factor in the success of any organization. It always strives to introduce the best quality of products and services to customers.

Red Grocer Limited believes that no organization can grow without a dedicated workforce behind it. It values and nurtures its officials, employees, & other members of the staff accordingly. Through various acts and measures, the company tries to create a sense of belonging among the workforce so that they explore their full potential and give full dedication to the organization, and get evaluated accordingly.

As a business organization, Red Grocer Limited does not want to grow alone; it wishes to grow together with its partners, patrons, customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Red Grocer Limited wants to bring people from all walks of life to the country on one platform. And to deliver their daily necessities to their doorsteps in a timely manner with utmost care and quality.

The company has reached out to many poor and underprivileged people through different philanthropic services and it wants to expand them across the country for the welfare of the people and the development of the nation.

Our Vision

Red Grocer has already earned the trust and confidence of the people as one of the largest online supermarkets in Chittagong. Red Grocer wants to go far beyond where he is now. The group seeks to become the largest business entity in the country and to make the largest contribution to economic and social development from the private sector. It wants to employ more people and thus be the largest employer in the private sector.

To implement the vision, the group has already embarked on a number of initiatives, including combining modern technologies with human capabilities, improving product quality and reducing market time. In addition, our Red Grocer team’s strategy is to innovate for speed change, efficiency and the future, and to outline how we will deliver to our customers and teams. The group has begun work to go nationwide and hopes to announce its nationwide presence in a few years.

Red Grocer wants to provide some strategic directions that will help people navigate from offline to online in an ambitious timeline. We will set up custom digital solutions for your everyday needs based on your unique needs. The Red Grocer Group is confident of continuing its progress at a faster pace in the days ahead – favorable and unfavorable – in any situation.

Principles of Red Grocer Ltd


We always assure high-quality products before delivering them to our consumers so that we can earn their trust and loyalty. It is our priority and commitment to our consumers to fulfill their demands, expectations, and standards.

Easy Shopping Process:

It’s important to make our shopping process easy for our users. Though it is a challenging task, we simply make the products on the site by making the buttons easily visible with factors “easy checkout”, “Add to Cart”, and most importantly listing the products with local currency.

Technological Excellence

We are assuring technological excellence for our reputed customers. Our world-class artificial intelligence can understand you needs.

Customer Care

We have a large number of customer service managers to help you with product purchasing decisions and any other technical issues.
We care for your business, interacting with customers to ensure they have a desirable and shareable experience to strengthen the company’s reputation and improve its client maintenance.

Projects showcase

Red Grocer Limited

Experience you can trust, service you can count on. Red Grocer Ltd – your partners in profit!

If you are looking for a safe investment then Red Grocer can be a good solution for you. You can grow your business with us by sharing a strong bond with us. Our consultant has the answer of your quarry regarding this. Let’s shake hands and explore the bigger opportunity together.

Why Choose Red Grocer Ltd.

Excellent Customer Support

Red Grocer Ltd confirms it costumers the best possible support for a better online shopping experience.

Brilliant team

We have the best and hard working team for our consumer to provide a comfortable grocery shopping experience.

Rich Experience

Shopping with Red Grocer will give you a rich experience with a comfortable price range.

24/7 online support

We are providing 24/7 online support to our consumer to address there issue and solve them ASAP.

Modern technology

Red Grocer Limited uses the latest modern technological assets to give you a smooth shopping experience.

Storage of Diverse Products

Red Grocer has a varied collection of grocery goods on its disposable according to our consumer tests.

“We address the highest importance to your product choice and depending on that we plan our service accordingly because our main goal is to get your satisfaction.”

Md. Ashiquer Rahaman

Co-founder, CEO

Work together for success

Red Grocer

Nurun Nahar Reetu

HR Associate

From sharpening my skills to developing myself, found everything here. Red Grocer is a place letting everyone grow every day with diverse experiences & learning. In one word this is my RED Family, I am treated as an asset in such a productive workplace. So, I am utilizing my potential to the fullest. The environment of our RED family is very clean & healthy. Because of that we always feel happy & motivated. This family gives us the opportunities to share ideas for our company’s success that can help our RED family grow.  

I believe we the Red Grocer is innovating, adapting, and growing, it’s that simple!!

A B M Moin Uddin Toha

System Engineer

Mr. A B M Moin Uddin Toha is one of the few members who started working for Red Grocer Limited before our launching. He joined on 20th June, 2021 as a system engineer of our company. From the beginning of our journey he’s working to develop us as a company. The way he solves and manages the problem is just extraordinary. His vision and planning helps us to improve the efficiency of our software.

Maksud Alam Saqeeb

Sr. Digital Marketing Associate

Our generation is the greatest witness to the excellence of technology and Red Grocer continues to work on that excellence. Proud to be a part of it.

Afrida Zaima Nelanty

Business Communication Associate

It is good to see Red Grocer’s efforts to give Chittagong grocery shoppers a different kind of shopping experience. I am happy to work with the team.

Red Grocer Limited Serving

The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.

We’ve just increased the ease of shopping for groceries you need. Lack of time should not disturb your rest or recreation. Let your leisure time be yours.

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